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ANNETTE ROGERS (Author of Sound Connections)

Annette Rogers is the author of Sound Connections. She currently works full time as a Speech-Language Pathologist in School District Number 5, South East Kootenay. Sound Connections was written for children. The programs were developed over many years and this development came about purely through the need for daily intervention in schools. Annette or other team members in school, needed resources that slowly built from one level to the next. Annette made, trialed and changed resources based on ongoing program evaluation in schools. She is grateful to her husband Richard and to the many Teachers, Education Assistants and Parents of children in SD5 who have given her help and encouragement in the development of the programs. Without them and the belief that her Managers had in the programs we would not be able to offer the services that we can today. Data collection for School District 5, for ‘The Network of Performance Based Schools’ and for the Ministry of Education continued each year from 2004. School District 5 has received both funding and awards.

Annette began her career in Education by taking the ‘National Nursery Examination Board’. This was a 2 year college course which studied the physical, emotional, social and emotional development of children. This course qualified Annette to assist in schools or to run a day care type of centre. She then studied Speech-Language Pathology in Manchester England and began working for ‘The National Health Service’ in clinics with pre-school children and in schools. Annette then took a certificate and 1 year Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Specific Learning Disabilities’ which was a Dyslexia Institute University Course. She then followed this with a Masters degree in Professional Studies in Education, specializing in Language and Literacy. Annette, her husband and 3 daughters moved to Canada in 2002 when she was employed by School District 5 as a Speech-language Pathologist.

Sound Connections resources were developed through a strong theoretical knowledge in early childhood studies, brain research, education, speech-language pathology and knowledge of learning disabilities. As Annette is trained in many areas she had the ability to view language and literacy development through many lenses and was able to use this knowledge to come up with a unique program. She then had the opportunity in schools to try out resources on a daily basis and develop them further. She believes that for many children early intervention can prove so successful that they are able to progress well within the average range through their school career.

Annette has a passionate belief that all children can succeed as learners and have the right to totally fulfil their potential as valued individuals. Children can be given a great start in education through establishing solid oral language skills and phonological awareness as a foundation for literacy. She feels that a great job has been done when children really see themselves as confident readers and writers even when skills are still fragile. Self esteem plays such an important role in all areas of their development as many can be discouraged due to facing difficulties. Annette also believes in children truly enjoying intervention; learning tasks can be disguised through play based activities where children have fun!

The Province of British Columbia acknowledged Annette by presenting her with an Honounable Mention for her work in creating Sound Connections (for further details follow this "link".

Professional Qualifications
MA (Professional Studies in Education- Specialising in language and literacy)
 B.Sc. (Speech & Language Pathology & Therapy),
Certificate:  Approaches to Teaching for Specific Learning Difficulties
Post Graduate Diploma: Professional Studies in Education (The teaching of pupils with specific learning difficulties- Dyslexia)
NNEB (National Nursery Examination Board- Early childhood studies)
Member of the British Columbia Association of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology.


Annette Rogers, author of Sound Connections

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