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We have made a short list of (we hope) helpful questions and answers - but, if you want to ask us anything specifically, or if your question is of a more personal nature - please do not hesitate to contact us on the details below:

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Q. Is Sound Connections fun?

A. Yes. It is a great deal of fun!

We believe that if children are having fun they are more likely to learn. There are actions, dances, rhymes, puppets and highly colourful materials. Laughter is a requirement!

Q. Do you have data proving that it works?

A. Data has been sent to the Network of Performance Based Schools since 2004.

In 2009 Number 5 received BC Provincial funding for every Kindergarten Class in School District Number 5. This is where the author is currently employed as a Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist. Data was collected across the District and sent to the BC Provincial Government in June 2009.

Q. Who is Sound Connections for?

A. It is our intention that every child should fulfil their potential. Parents may realise that their child has unused potential and wish to extend their child’s abilities. You may  want to have your child “school ready” before starting school.

Some children may be struggling and need additional help before starting school or while at school.

Every child will be treated as an individual and the program of study will suit their needs as a learner.
Q. At what age can my child start Sound Connections?

A. Sound Connections has been written for children aged 3 years of age and upwards.

Q. What age does Sound Connections go up to?

Sound Connections can develop the literacy and language skills of almost any student irrespective of age. All students are screened in order to find the most suitable starting point in the Sound Connections program.

Q. My child has a learning disability. Is Sound Connections for them?

A. Absolutely!

Sound Connections is an inclusive and differentiated program. The teaching techniques are multisensory and cater for all learning styles. So if your child is a kinaesthetic learner, a visual learner or an auditory learner then the program will suit your child’s learning style.  The program relies on the student taking tiny cumulative steps - building on success and avoiding failure. Sound Connections has a very broad continuum of learning and achievement. Every child is encouraged to enjoy success!

Q. Is Sound Connections worksheet based?

A. No! we couldn’t think of anything worse!

Sound Connections is interactive and multisensory! It is our opinion that worksheets can stifle interest, curiosity and enjoyment! Sound Connections learning is kinaesthetic, visual and auditory. Why take out the fun by relying on worksheets? Give me multisensory every time!!

Q. How often do children come to the Sound Connections Centre?

A. Children are encouraged to come to the Sound Connections Centre twice a week.

After the initial screen children are placed in compatible small groups who are at the same teaching point. It is our opinion that children learn social and interpersonal skills when with other children. They are more likely to have fun!

Q. Are parents encouraged to practice the techniques with their child at home?

A. Absolutely!

We need parents as partners! You are a very important part of the team. We are delighted to teach the parents the techniques used and would encourage you to share the activities with your child at home. Each session lasts about 45 minutes and we allocate time at the end of each session to share activities with you. It is important for your child’s progress that practice sessions are completed at home.

Q. I am concerned about my child’s readiness for school. How can sound Connections help?

A.  If you have a concern regarding your child’s learning abilities (this can often be determined before school age) then the Sound Connections course can provide a foundation that helps the child "learn how to learn", and may even circumvent problems that might otherwise have manifested themselves when they do reach school age.

If you have any further questions please feel free to call us:

Lisa Hansen
(Owner/Manager Red Deer Centre)
t: (403) 347-3050
F: (403) 347-3052

Richard RogersRichard Rogers
(Sound Connections Director/Manager Calgary Centre)
t: (403) 453 0066


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