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Over the past 30-40 years there has been a wealth of research linking progress in literacy tasks to awareness of the sound structure of words. Sound Connections have built further upon this research to create programs designed to develop children’s literacy through aspects of phonological awareness.

What is Phonological awareness?
Phonological awareness tasks require the child to focus away from meaning and onto sound. Put simply this means the ability to take a word and perform tasks such as dividing words into syllables, onset-rime (e.g. st..op) or phonemes (individual sounds). It may mean more advanced tasks such as deleting, adding or moving parts of words. Poetry, nursery rhymes and other rhyme activities help children early on to learn to develop this knowledge of sound patterns.

Why is phonological awareness important?
Children with good phonological awareness skills tend to be better at literacy tasks than those who don’t. Children whose phonological awareness skills are trained show improvements in literacy tasks. Studies have also indicated that phonological awareness training needs to be linked closely to literacy training and not taught in isolation.

How do we encourage and develop Phonological awareness?
The Sound Connections program has been designed, built, tested, and improved over 20 years, during which time we have had opportunity to implement the Program and test results. However, one of the most important aspects of the course is to first engage the child's interest. So, by using colour, shapes, sounds, characters stories and rhymes we have made all aspects of our training FUN.

The Sound Connections Centres have qualified instructors who will work with your child either individually or in a small group, twice a week for 45 minute sessions though the Sound Connections Program/s/ that will best suit your child's needs.With help from some friends, Sound Connections set out to make learning FUN!


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