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Literacy and Language
Helping children reach their Potential!


Sound Connections Programs have been tried and tested with whole classes of students, with small groups, with pairs and with individuals.

Sound Connections Programs can be used with students starting from 3 years old, whether they have identified learning needs or not. Programs are particularly beneficial to children with learning needs but the same concepts help all students. This is simply good practice.
The Sound Connections Programs help a wide range of learners. They're perfect for:

  • Pre-schoolers for a head start
  • Advanced pre-schoolers to take them further on in literacy
  • Children requiring speech and language stimulation
  • School aged children needing extra support
  • Children who are behind and have to catch up
  • Children with specific learning disabilities
  • Children who have conditions such as ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders,
  • Down Syndrome
  • Children with motivational problems
  • Children studying English as a second language
  • Children who simply have a different learning style.

Many parents and carers desperately want to help their children. The success of the Sound Connections Programs lies not only in the multi-sensory approach, but in the fact that parents are very much involved. They are able to sit in on sessions and not only learn some excellent strategies and techniques, but also learn a great deal about how their child learns and how to better work with their child.

Parents, these programs are for you too! We can empower you and give you the skills that you need to really make a difference.


Sound Connections believe that Playing is an important part of Learning

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